Parent Survey

Survey Results – 27 respondents

  A survey was conducted amongst parents in the Summer Term 2015 to obtain feedback regarding the Pre-School.  Below is a summary of the results with responses from the Pre-School, where appropriate in red.


  1. Were you given the opportunity to settle your child into Pre-School in a way that suited you? All responses answered Yes, apart from one ‘Not Sure’.

 “The only suggestion that, in hindsight, we feel may have worked better for our child, would be that they were met each morning (in the first few weeks) by the same welcome. By this we mean, that it was the same member of staff there to greet them & a uniform consistency to the way things are done when they arrive. Each member of staff does things slightly differently & this threw our child initially (e.g. one day they put their own lunchbag in the trolley, the next it was taken from us to be done for us, as the trolley wasn’t in the same place). It’s a very minor thing though as after a few weeks, we got the hang of things together.”

Unless staff are at a meeting the same person is at the door to greet the children.  There may be times we trial a different room set up to make transition smoother but generally the routine is the same. 


  1. Do you find Pre-School to be a warm and welcoming environment? All responses answered Yes

“Wonderful experienced nurturing staff make this preschool different from many others”

“Mrs Cotterell and Mrs Harman always make time if you have a problem or question. I feel I can phone or pop in any time all staff are friendly and helpful.”


“We love it, friendly staff make it feel more like I’m dropping off my child with family. What a pleasure!”

“My child and I always receive a lovely welcome from all the members of staff.”

“The ladies at CM are absolutely wonderful and I have this confirmed to me every day when my daughter comes home and talks non stop about you all.”


  1. Do you feel you are informed and consulted about your child’s progress? All responses answered Yes, 1 answered No

“The parents evenings & progress books are great. We wouldn’t want too much more information as our child is still young & we know that if we had an area of concern, that we feel comfortable to ask”.

“Parents evening with my child’s key worker is a great time to catch up and gives me a chance to have a look through his progress folder.”

“But a bit more regular feedback would be welcome.”

“We haven’t had as many opportunities to look through our child’s folder as there have been in previous years.”

There is an open door policy at the Pre-School, a child’s keyworker is always happy to discuss your child’s progress.  Formal parent’s evening happen once a term.  Currently your child’s progress file can be requested at any time, however we will be implementing a new online system which will enable easy access to your child’s file. 

Also, we have produced some leaflets with information about areas of Early Years Development.  They cover how these areas are addressed at pre-school and what you can do at home to help with your child’s development.

They are available for parents from Pre-School (in the display case next to the exit door).  Please help yourselves.

If there is anything else you feel would be helpful with regards to feedback on your child’s progress, please let us know.

“I’m just happy my child has fun at preschool, but if there were any issues I know I would be informed straight away”

“Brief summary of child’s progress every term – my child is now in their second term and so far we have not received anything about their progress”

There is a parent’s evening twice a year in the first and third terms, which captures all children who start in September.  However we appreciate that it is a long gap for those starting in January and therefore will be offering parents of those children a parent’s evening in the Spring term.


  1. Does Pre-School provide you with enough information about activities, fundraising and events? All responses answered Yes

“Great email communications and website”

“The weekly emails are really helpful.”

“The email system is brilliant I enjoy receiving the weekly email, it is an opportunity it to find out what’s happening in preschool in the week and gives important dates for your diary.”

“I feel I am adequately informed about all aspects of Pre-School life.”

“Brilliant email system”


  1. Are you encouraged to be part of Pre-School life and management? All responses answered Yes 

“All the time there are opportunities to get involved in preschool life.”


  1. Do you access the Pre-School website? 23 answered Yes and 4 answered No

“The website is well presented and very informative.”

“This was a deciding factor when we decided to try to enroll our child at preschool. The website is informative & well maintained.”

“No the website covers most things.”


  1. What do you like best about Pre-School? A large number of responses referenced the “wonderful staff”.  Below are a few of the responses.

“The staff and the small welcoming environment. There is clearly a lot of thought and planning about all the activities and no two sessions have the same stuff out.”

“Friendly, caring environment Educational, fun activities Thoughtful and dedicated staff Good Planning – a range of activities linked to EYFS”

“The attitude of the staff. Always so welcoming and amazing with the children.”

“Friendly staff. Lots of different things each day for the children to do.”

“The staff and the wonderful atmosphere that they create for the children”

“The teaching staff are always warm, welcoming, friendly and approachable. I feel happy leaving my daughter in heir capable hands.”

“The continuity of excellent staff, friendly atmosphere, opportunities for children to play outdoors, excellent planned activities with the children on a daily basis. We are kept informed of our child’s progress and support is given to help our child in any areas she needs support with.”

“The variety of play opportunities they provide our child and how much fun is had throughout a day. “

“We know when we ask if ‘you’ve had a nice day’, the answer is always ‘yes!’.

“Preschool is a safe and friendly environment for my child to attend. He enjoys preschool and looks forward to going. I love the fact my child has been able to make friends and enjoy activitys that I wouldn’t necessary do at home with him.”

“My child is happy there. You all do a fantastic job. Thank you.”

“Flexible friendly staff members, approachable open door policy, a craft a day (don’t know how you manage it but my daughter is always coming home with something she’s made that day) “

“Freedom for children to pick and choose what they want to play with indoors or out, experienced teachers who value childhood and make preschool a fun place to be”

“The nurturing environment and the way my child is excited to go each time!”

“Everything. It’s kind and caring, fun and stimulating. There is something to interest and excite every child and they are encouraged to try new and different activities.”

“The great staff! And the access to the outdoors.”

“There is so much I like about the pre-school. It has a fantastic setting which I know they use to their full advantage, the staff are approachable at all times and seeing how happy my child is when I pick her up.”

“Pretty much everything. All the staff are so good with all the children, and on the odd chance that there is a morning wobble often pre-empt it before it gets going. Lovely variety of games and activities for the children – I’m often amazed by what comes home!”

“The welcoming and fun environment related by the teachers and because of this the way my child always feels at ease and is so excited to be there.”                                                                                      

  1. What do you like least about Pre-School? What changes would most improve Pre-School?

We have only included the comments below that require a response, there were a few that said ‘Nothing’.

“The drop off in the morning can be a bit hectic (caused by the adults). this is a result of the good relationship parents have with the staff though”

“The arrival in the morning can be quite chaotic and I do feel sometimes for the children with big adults crowding the space. I don’t think it helps initially when trying to settle the child. I think it can be overwhelming for the children particularly when adults seem to group together and chat and the children are trying to go about and put things in the tray, put their name on the board etc. Perhaps there could be a ‘no gathering’ policy!”

We appreciate these points and are considering changes to the morning routine to improve the flow

“Parking. The building could do with a little more up-keep but understand this is not the responsibility of the pre-school but the owners of the pavilion.”

“The car park!!!”

We understand that the parking is limited.  All areas have been explored with regards to expanding the car park but this decision lies with the village trust, and the council.   We are in contact with the school to try and ease the situation.   Parents may not be aware that there is a back gate entrance onto the meadow allowing parking further down the road and thus removing the need to enter the car park at all.

Hatchings and the bus stop box have been added to the road around the entrance to the car park and please can we ask parents not to park in these areas at any time as this contributes to the congestion.


“Perhaps a nicer outdoor area but I wouldn’t say there was anything I actually disliked”

If there is anything you think could be added or changed about the outdoor area please let us know what the issue is and we can look into any improvements.

“Covered porch/roof area across building on playground door, shelter for children on sunny, hot days and shelter for pick up”

The building does not belong to Pre-School, it is rented from the Village Trust who have the responsibility of maintaining the property.  There was an awning over the back door in the past but this was vandalised and therefore not replaced.

 There are gazebos put up outside on hot days to provide shelter for the children.


  1. If your child attends the lunch club session, have you found this to be beneficial to both you and your child? If so, in what way? 21 answered Ye

“Develops independence and social skills – prepares for school”

“She really enjoys this aspect of preschool, eating lunch with her friends. She also really likes eating with the staff!”

“He is learning good manners and is able to sit nicely during mealtimes at home.”

“My child loves lunch club as it gives her the opportunity to eat with her friends. I think this is good preparation for primary school.”

“I’m sure she eats better when she sees her peers eating too (and when I’m not there!!)”

“I know that she is encouraged to eat her lunch and she’s spotted what other children have been eating so she’s been willing to try different things at home because that’s what ……. Had in their lunchbox.”

“I believe lunch club is very beneficial in the preparation of going to big school. My child has also learnt to eat her sandwiches first!! My child is always very keen to tell me who she was sat with at lunch and what they were eating. This has sometimes prompted her to try different foods after seeing her peers eat them.”

“Important for them to understand about sitting down together for lunch – I keep getting told how lunch gives her energy so she has more power in her legs for running in the afternoon”

“More confident”


  1. If you had a concern about something at Pre-School, would you know who to approach? All responses answered Yes
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