We conduct a Parent Survey each year to obtain feedback from parents regarding our Pre School. This gives us a good indication of areas we excel in and also areas where there is room for improvement. We greatly appreciate parents feedback and take any measures necessary to address any issues.

We also operate an open door policy with regard to discussing any concerns with parents and we are committed to working together to resolve any problems or worries about a child or the care that they receive. We encourage any concerns to be discussed with the managers or the childs particular key person.

Below are just a few comments from previous surveys which made as all very happy and extremely proud!

“Wonderful experienced nurturing staff make this preschool different from many others”

“Mrs Cotterell and Mrs Harman always make time if you have a problem or question. I feel I can phone or pop in any time all staff are friendly and helpful.”

“We love it, friendly staff make it feel more like I’m dropping off my child with family. What a pleasure!”

“My child and I always receive a lovely welcome from all the members of staff.”

“The ladies at CM are absolutely wonderful and I have this confirmed to me every day when my daughter comes home and talks non stop about you all

“The attitude of the staff. Always so welcoming and amazing with the children.”

“Friendly staff. Lots of different things each day for the children to do.”

“The staff and the wonderful atmosphere that they create for the children”

“The teaching staff are always warm, welcoming, friendly and approachable. I feel happy leaving my daughter in heir capable hands.”

“The continuity of excellent staff, friendly atmosphere, opportunities for children to play outdoors, excellent planned activities with the children on a daily basis. We are kept informed of our child’s progress and support is given to help our child in any areas she needs support with.”

“The variety of play opportunities they provide our child and how much fun is had throughout a day. “

“We know when we ask if ‘you’ve had a nice day’, the answer is always ‘yes!’.

“Preschool is a safe and friendly environment for my child to attend. He enjoys preschool and looks forward to going. I love the fact my child has been able to make friends and enjoy activitys that I wouldn’t necessary do at home with him.”

“My child is happy there. You all do a fantastic job. Thank you.”

“Flexible friendly staff members, approachable open door policy, a craft a day (don’t know how you manage it but my daughter is always coming home with something she’s made that day) “

“Freedom for children to pick and choose what they want to play with indoors or out, experienced teachers who value childhood and make preschool a fun place to be”

“The nurturing environment and the way my child is excited to go each time!”

“Everything. It’s kind and caring, fun and stimulating. There is something to interest and excite every child and they are encouraged to try new and different activities.”

“The great staff! And the access to the outdoors.”

“There is so much I like about the pre-school. It has a fantastic setting which I know they use to their full advantage, the staff are approachable at all times and seeing how happy my child is when I pick her up.”

“Pretty much everything. All the staff are so good with all the children, and on the odd chance that there is a morning wobble often pre-empt it before it gets going. Lovely variety of games and activities for the children – I’m often amazed by what comes home!”

“The welcoming and fun environment related by the teachers and because of this the way my child always feels at ease and is so excited to be there.”                                                                                      

“My child loves lunch club as it gives her the opportunity to eat with her friends. I think this is good preparation for primary school.”

“I believe lunch club is very beneficial in the preparation of going to big school. My child has also learnt to eat her sandwiches first!! My child is always very keen to tell me who she was sat with at lunch and what they were eating. This has sometimes prompted her to try different foods after seeing her peers eat them.”

“Important for them to understand about sitting down together for lunch – I keep getting told how lunch gives her energy so she has more power in her legs for running in the afternoon”