Update 17th September 2018

Good morning

Just a very quick reminder that tomorrow is bag to school day so if you haven’t had a good sort out yet there is still time, please can all bags to brought in by 9am.

Also we have a child with a severe nut allergy so absolutely no nuts of any sort to be brought in, thank you.

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Update 5th September 2018

Welcome to the start of a new school year. We hope you all had a great summer.

We have a child with a VERY severe nut allergy so please when you are making your child’s lunch do not include anything which may contain nuts. When bringing in items for the interest table please ensure you follow the same rule.

Every day the children are encouraged to take part in show and tell. This is a very important part of the preschool day because it encourages personal and social and communication skills so please take the time to help your child look for something in their bedroom beginning with the appropriate letter. This week we are looking at the letter ‘a’. When looking for something please make sure it is a suitable size to fit in your child’s tray and also please add your child’s name to it.

Dates for your diary:

This half term ends on Thursday 18th October (Friday 19th October inset day)

We return on Monday 29th October.

We break for Christmas on Friday 21st December and return on Monday 7th January.

Cuckoo Meadow has a private/closed Facebook page we have invited you all to join this is a great way of keeping up to date with what your child gets up to at preschool.

We have a happy bags collection organised for Tuesday 18th September. This is an excellent way of getting rid of any unwanted clothes you or your children have grown out of. The bags are collected and weighed and this brings in much needed funds for the preschool. You can include belts, shoes and handbags. Thank you.

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Update 11th July 2018

Hello from Cuckoo Meadow.  We have been invited to a leavers presentation at the church on Wednesday 18th July.  Parents are also invited to attend the presentation and can meet us at the church at 2.00pm prompt.  We will be taking all the children with us whether they will be leaving or not.  If you have a leaving child who does not attend this session you are welcome to bring them along too.

We had our last Rugby Tots session this morning and Andy (the coach) told Mrs Harman that our children were the best behaved group he had taught around the county.  So well done children we are very proud of you all.

Sadly we have been very disappointed with the amount of children who have returned their Smarties sponsor tubes.  We have only received 11 packs out of a total of 31.  This money along with voluntary contributions goes towards extra curricular activities such as Rugby Tots so please bring in your sponsor tubes if you have not already done so.  Thank you.

That’s all for now.

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End of term plans

Just a quick update on the end of term activities which we hope you have already written in your diary.  We are planning on having a small raffle so if you have any unwanted bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates at home please could you bring them in on the last week of Pre-school.

We have only had a very small number of filled Smartie tubes which have been brought in so over the weekend please could you have a hunt for any £1 coins of 20p pieces which may have fallen down the back of the sofa or in Nanny or Grandads wallets because the children have been walking around the meadow every day and have put their heart and soul into it!  Filled tubes and sponsor forms need to be returned to us by Friday 13th July.

Many thanks enjoy your weekend and good luck England!

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End of term plans

The last day of term will be a Thursday 19th July.  On Friday 20th July there will be no preschool sessions, however we will be holding a leavers presentation at 11.30 when we will be saying goodbye to all the children going to big school.   Leavers parents are invited to stay for the presentation and then join us for a bbq tea, cakes and a small raffle afterwards so don’t forget to bring your money along to help boost preschool funds.

Non leaving children are also invited to come along to the bbq and should arrive after the presentation at 12.15 there will also be a bouncy castle so it should be a fun day for everyone please come and support us.

The fun afternoon will finish around 2.00 extended family are welcome to join us.

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15th June 2018

Hello from Cuckoo Meadow. Zoo Lab will be visiting preschool on Friday 15th June at 11 o’clock thanks to your voluntary contributions so if your child does not normally attend this session and you would like to bring in your son/daughter please come along and stay with them so they can take part in this activity.

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Update 8th May 2018

Hello from Cuckoo Meadow.  To celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding we will be holding a celebration lunch party on Friday18th May at 12.00 prompt.    Children who would normally attend a Friday session should still bring along their normal lunch boxes but if your child does not attend preschool on a Friday you are welcome to come along with your child bring your lunch and your child’s and join in the celebrations.  We will be making fairy cakes to have as a special treat so could you let us know if you would like to come along.

We would like to take a leavers photograph of our children going to big school in September so could you please let us know if you have any holidays planned to ensure everyone appears in the photo!  Thank you.

That’s all for now enjoy the sunshine.

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