Dear Parents/carers
By now I am sure you will have caught up with the Prime Minister’s address regarding the possibility of returning to preschool on 1st June.
In terms of the reopening of preschool it is important to know that government guidance makes it clear that 1st June is mot a set date and is subject to change.
We are writing to you to gauge your response to see if you would be happy for your child to return on this date.  Due to the size of the playroom and adhering to the social distancing requirements by the government, session sizes will be much smaller than before the outbreak thereby keeping children and staff as safe as possible, so children who will be leaving us to go to primary school will be given priority.
We would like to make it clear that we are not pressuring anyone to send their child back to preschool however we will do our best to ensure that the preschool environment is as safe as it can be.
Please can you let us know by 3 pm on Friday 15th May by email your thoughts regarding the reopening of preschool.  Thank you.
Stay safe
Jo Harman/Fiona Cotterell