Happy New Year to you all we hope you had a great Christmas.

Our first topic of the year is winter. We have already made penguins and have also written our names on circles of paper and added them to a snowman. These are displayed in the preschool so do please take a moment to have a look at them, the children were very proud of their work.

At the end of last term we said goodbye to Mrs Howard, not Mrs Harman as some parents thought and we have been extremely lucky to welcome Emma Schofield to our staff. She was previously a bank staff volunteer and has lots of childcare experience, we look forward to working with her.

Just a quick reminder that we will have our next Happy Bags collection on Wednesday 25th March so this is a great opportunity to have a new year sort out!
That’s all for now.

HAPPY BAG COLLECTION in aid of Cuckoo Meadow Pre-School. Can you help?

There will be a “Happy Bag” collection for our wonderful pre-school on the 25th March 2020. Donations are weighed and then the pre-school receives a fee. Your donations would be very gratefully received and it’s a wonderful chance for a clear-out. More information can be found at www.happyschoolbag.co.uk

Items accepted – men’s women’s and kid’s clothing, paired shoes, console games, souvenirs, handbags, belts, hats, accessories, jewellery, toiletries, perfumes, bedlinen, towels.

Items they will not take – bric-a-brac, carpets, pillows, blankets, curtains, damaged or dirty clothes.

Please place any items in a bin bag and deliver to the pre-school before 9.30am on the 25th March. For queries, please contact Alice Crocker, alicetaylor79@googlemail.com