Hello from Cuckoo Meadow at the end of another week. Please can you bring raffle prizes into preschool next week, a box of biscuits, a bottle of wine or some chocolates would be great as we would like to make small hampers as prizes.

Nativity tickets go on sale on Monday, two per family initially at a cost of £5 you may add your name to a waiting list so if there are any spare tickets these will be allocated after each family has purchased theirs.

A quick reminder preschool is closed on Thursday 12th December for poling.

If you would like to buy your child’s photograph which appeared on their Christmas card you may buy it at a cost of £5. Please let us know if you would like it.

If you have put your Christmas tree up at home or if you are about to we would love to see pictures on Tapestry so that we can look at it together and talk about it with your child.

That’s all for now enjoy the weekend.
Cuckoo Meadow Pre-School