Happy new year to everyone, we hope you had a great Christmas break.

As you have probably noticed, we have been sending empty Happy School Bags home to you to fill with any unwanted clothes or shoes for collection on Monday 25th February.  This is our first day back to pre-school after the half term break.  The back of the bag tells you what other items you may donate.  If you have already had a ‘sort out’ and the bags are in the way at home, you can bring them into pre-school and we can store them until their collection.

This half term we will be looking at winter weather.  We have already made mittens to keep our hands warm and hats, both of which are displayed in the pre-school, so why not have a look at these when you are next in pre-school? Also have a look at our wonderful 3D polar bears all of which the children have realy enjoyed making.  Look out for more winter activities as the term goes on.

Over the next few weeks, Kat is doing a small Action Research Project as part of her course. The project involves introducing Makaton signing into the setting together with some fun songs. We would like your support and approval as research participants and therefore would like your consent, a form will be at pre-school for you to sign. We are fully supportive of this project and hope you will be too.