Hello from Cuckoo Meadow nearing the end of a very busy week.

We have had lots of visitors this week. First of all Karsten arrived with five lovely birds two of which the children were able to hold.  This was a huge success and caused lots of excitement in preschool.

Our second visitor of the week was Laura who is a local vetinary nurse.  Dudley the dog made a return visit and was once again bandaged by the children.  Another fantastic opportunity for the children to learn all about what happens when their pets go to the  vets!

Finally Oxley the cat, which belongs to Martha came to preschool   He was very well behaved and let the children stroke him and give him treats.  After a quick explore of the preschool room he was popped back into his basket somewhat reluctantly!

Please talk to your children about their experiences and share them with us on Tapestry.

This week we have also made traffic light sandwiches which the children ate for snack.  We talked about the meaning of each colour and learnt that not all of our parents stop when the lights turn to red!  This has been a great experience and he children have taken everything on board they have learnt.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow we have our Happy Bags to School collection first thing in the morning so please ensure you bring in any clothes you have collected.  Thank you.