Welcome to Cuckoo Meadow! With term starting on Monday 4th September it really is just around the corner now.

We want you and your child to have a wonderful experience during your time with us so to help with any questions you might have about your first day please take a look at the below which will help you know what to expect.

Doors open at 9am and in the foyer each child will have a labelled peg. Please put coats only on the pegs and bags on the floor below. Take lunch boxes and water into the main pre-school room. Your child will be signed in as you walk through and you will see a member of staff by the doors into the playground, this is where you can hand in your show and tell item – more on this below.

Lunch boxes should go in the metal unit in the centre of the room and water in the water basket – this is so that the children have access to water throughout the day as per OFSTED guidelines. Lunch guidelines can be found in the pack you will have received but please ensure that children are able to get in to their lunches independently, avoid cling film and use foil or paper to make this easier and ensure fruits such as grapes or cherry tomatoes are cut in half.

There is also a board for your child to find their name and place it on their own register – this helps with name recognition, initially guided by a photo of each child and then just names for rising 5’s as they become ready.

As mentioned above, each day we ask the children to bring in a small item for show and tell following the letters of the alphabet so the first week will be ‘A’. This really engages the children, helps develop awareness of the alphabet and words and objects.

If your child is only doing a morning session please ensure that you arrive promptly for pick up as delays can cause issues with numbers for those arriving for the afternoon session.

At the end of the day please make your way to the playground to the rear of the pre-school where the doors will open at 3 and staff will reunite you with your child one by one and fill you in on any issues from the day.

I hope our new starters are excited to start their Cuckoo Meadow journey and we all look forward to getting to know you all and to welcoming back those who were with us last year.