This week to celebrate World Book Day we have been looking at the book ‘Snip, Snap, Croc’. Some of you may not have heard of this book but hopefully the children will have told you the story if not ask your child to tell you all about it.

Two of our children have contracted chicken pox so the symptoms you should look for are a generally unwell child maybe with a temperature about a week before the spots appear. The spots look red and watery and blister like. They should form a scab after approximately a week and once this has occurred the child can return to pre school if they are back to good health.

Thanks to your generous voluntary contributions we have been able to book a visit from Zoolab. They will be bringing In a very interesting mix of animals for the children to have a look at. They are coming on Thursday 23rd March between 1.30 and 2.30. If your child does not attend a Thursday session you are welcome to bring them in and stay with them for the duration of he visit. We are looking forward to this event and hope you can all attend.

Friday 24th March is Red Nose Day. We would like your child to help raise money for other less fortunate children and ask that you bring in a £1 donation and dress your child in something red. To try to include as many children as possible we will be participating over two days I.e Thursday 23rd March and Friday 24th March, wow what a busy week!

Phew that’s all for now, enjoy your weekend.