Hello from Cuckoo Meadow. This week we are looking at birds and are making food for you to hang outside to help feed them during the winter months.

If you have moved recently or have a different mobile number please don’t forget to tell us so that we can update your details in the case of an emergency.

We have a lost named sweatshirt so please could you check your child’s bags in case it has found its way into your child’s bag by mistake. Thank you.

When you leave the building by the main door please ensure that you tell a member of staff as this door should always be locked behind you.

If your child has not brought in an item for show and tell please encourage them to do so, this is an excellent confidence builder and also a fun activity to take part in. It’s the letter ‘r’ this week so a nice easy one. The item should be able to fit in your child’s tray so that it does not get left behind.

That’s all for now.