Hello from Cuckoo Meadow. This week is a really busy one in preschool today (Monday) we will be visiting North Waltham school during the afternoon to see the reception class children in their nativity play. If your child attends the pm session please make sure you sign the permission slip allowing us to take your children off site. Thank you.

Extra nativity tickets will be allocated today so if you still need to purchase your first two tickets please bring the money in a named envelope before Wednesday 7th December so we may finalise numbers.

Please remember to bring in your raffle prizes by Thursday this week and also remember that Millers Ark are visiting on Friday 9th between 10 am and 2pm. The animals will be resting at lunchtime so please avoid this time. If your child attends a Friday session the staff will take them outside to see them so if your don’t come into preschool on Friday you can visit with your children so they are able to see them too!

The party food list is now up in preschool. Please choose something from it and write your name against your chosen item. Thank you.

We have noticed that children’s book bags are being placed in the book box each time a child attends. Children should only choose one book per week and they are allocated a day for them to do this. Could you also please keep the book in the child’s bag as we are then able to link the book to the children.

That’s all for now.