Hello from Cuckoo Meadow.  We would like to introduce you to a new member of staff who joined us this week.  Suzanne Chilvers has been working in early years for the past 25 years and we are very lucky to have her join our team.  Please make her welcome if you see her.

You can help raise funds for your preschool very easily by joining the Easy Fundraising online.  Simply log onto www.easyfundraising.co.uk and nominate Cuckoo Meadow as your charity then follow the simple instructions before making any purchases online, this includes your food shopping order!

Can we make a plea to everyone if you have any paperwork that needs to be handed to staff please do not leave it in your child’s book bag as we don’t have the time to check individual children’s bags.  Also please only put the cuckoo meadow bags in the library box if it is your designated library day.  Thank you.

Tapestry are updating their system over the weekend so you may experience some problems accessing your child’s journal.  This begins on Friday 16th September and could last all weekend.

That’s all for now have a good weekend.