Hello from Cuckoo Meadow we are fast approaching the end of the first week back.  Everybody seems to have settled really well and are enjoying pre school life.  

Here are some pointers for your information.  

 If your child attends lunch club please ensure whoever is picking them up remembers to take their lunch boxes and water bottles with them which they will find outside the pre school (if it is not raining).  If it is wet the staff will ensure they have these things.  Also please ensure there are no cartons and no bottles with detachable lids placed in your child’s lunch.box, ideally a sports bottle is best.  Please also enclose a small plastic bag in the lunch box to enable the children to put away any rubbish.  Thank you.

If your child is entitled to government funding (in the term after their third birthday) please complete the form given to you by pre school and return it asap.  A delay in returning the form could result in you receiving an invoice!  Non funded children will be receiving their invoices shortly.

We would be grateful if all children could have a plastic bag in their Cuckoo Meadow school bag in the event of the staff needing to place dirty or wet clothes Inside.

This week we have started sending home library books.  Depending on which day your child was given a library book will determine the day that they change it the next week.

If your child wears Wellington boots to school, please ensure that they have suitable indoor shoes to change into, no crocs please.

Everybody should now be able to access Tapestry if you are having problems with this please let us know.

Please remember that we are having a two week half term in October so the last day is Friday 21st October and we return to pre school on Monday 7th November.

That’s all for now have a good weekend