Hello at the end of another pre school week.

Just a reminder about bags to school which will take place on Thursday 7th July.  If you have any unwanted clothes or shoes and bags etc please bring them into us before then.

If your child is leaving pre school please look out for the email regarding their Tapestry journal.  We will be deleting the children’s files on Thursday 7th July so you will need to download this as soon as possible.  If you have any problems with this please let us know.

We have decided not to hold a formal parents evening this close to the end of term but if you feel you would like to have a chat with your key worker please let us know.

Just to confirm the end of term dates.  Our last day of term is Friday 15th July however on Monday 18th July we will be having an end of term party.  There are no preschool sessions on that day but the party will begin at 11.30 am please be prompt.   All children should bring a packed lunch and a drink.  If your child is staying with us for the following year you will need to collect them from preschool at 1.00 pm.  If your child is leaving us this year the leavers presentation will begin at 1.15.  This is a lovely celebration,of your child’s time at pre school so please do come along and say goodbye.

That’s all for now.