Hello from Cuckoo Meadow we hope you had a lovely half term. 

The children’s photographs are ready and should be on their way to you this week.  Please place any orders in the envelopes provided and return to preschool by Thursday 16th June, thank you.  A leavers photograph is displayed in the preschool so if you would like to order one of those please add your name to the list and bring in the money in a named envelope, thank you they cost £12 and is a lovely keepsake of the time your child has spent at preschool.

We are celebrating the queens 90th birthday this week and we are planning on eating our lunch outside, weather permitting, to recreate a street party!  Look out for Royal related activities!  We will be making crowns so you could use these for the fun toddle if you wish.

If you have any unwanted gifts or have something we could use for our raffle we would be very grateful, please bring them into preschool, thank you.

That’s all for now.