Hello from Cuckoo.Meadow.  A reminder please that with the warm weather all children should arrive at preschool wearing sun cream.  The staff are unable to apply the cream but if you purchase the 8 hour variety the children will be safe from the sun for the duration of their time at preschool.  If your children wear Wellington boots to preschool please ensure they have alternative footwear to change into.  Thank you.

The fun toddle takes place on Friday 17th June, there will be a morning preschool session but no session in the afternoon so parents should arrive to collect and accompany their children on the toddle around the field at 11.45 this will give parents the opportunity to change the children into fancy dress clothes before the judging begins.  The theme for fancy dress this year will be kings and queens, in recognition of the queens 90th birthday.

This week Tracey from ‘Pots to Doodle Do’ is visiting the preschool, look out dads for something special coming your way in the near future.  This activity has only been made possible due to the generous voluntary contributions from parents so we would like to thank all of you who have contributed.  

It is the last day of preschool on Friday 27th May and we return after the half term on Monday 6th June.

That’s all for now enjoy the half term break.