We are now sending observations to you via the online Tapestry system but we have noticed there are very few replies being sent from parents. Could you please make a comment on at least one of your child’s observations by scrolling down the page to the ‘add a comment’ section, then add your own reply , this could also include a photograph! We look forward to receiving them.

A reminder regarding water bottles please make sure your child has a drink in their lunchbox and also a bottle of water for them to access throughout the day, this is an Ofsted requirement. Thank you.

As from Monday 16th November we will be collecting raffle prizes for our Christmas nativity and we would be very grateful for any donations of bottles of wine, tins of sweets and biscuits, in fact anything you would like to win yourselves. Thank you in advance.

We have been practising singing our Christmas songs so we would be grateful if you could sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’, and ‘Father Christmas he got stuck’! with your children at home in preparation for the nativity play on Saturday 5th December.

Photograph proofs have been delivered to preschool so if you would like to collect them they are available.

That’s all for now have a good weekend.