Hello from Cuckoo Meadow at the end of another week.  Just a few reminders as the term is flying by.  Could you please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for pre-school, no dressing up clothes please and definitely no laces on shoes!  this is extremely frustrating for the children as they are unable to undo them, put on their favourite clippy cloppy shoes and then be unable to put their own shoes back on.  Thank you.

It has been brought to our attention that cars are driving too fast in the car park.  Please be aware that children are walking between cars so please drive with the utmost care.

If your child is starting school in September 2016 local schools have open days for you to visit, look for the posters on the pre-school exit door where dates and times are displayed.

There are still a few auction tickets available to purchase, please ask a member of staff if you would like to come along.

This week we have made peg leg horses to tie in with our theme of Humpty Dumpty and today we have made a mole resting in a bed to re-create the story of Moles bedtime story, an excellent book and a firm favourite of our children, well worth investing in for a stocking present.

That’s all for this week.