This week in Pre-School

A very exciting week was had with the inaugural flight of Cuckoo Meadow airways taking off on Tuesday! Huge thanks to George’s mum who came in to visit the children on Tuesday dressed in her British Airways uniform to welcome the children aboard a flight to Florida. They all formed an orderly queue to receive their boarding passes before being shown to their seats to watch the on-board safety announcement complete with expert demonstration of what to do in the event of an emergency. Mrs Cotterell was the captain and Mrs Harman took up co-pilot duties, while Mrs Hull managed to capture some fantastic photos. The children then produced a wonderful wall display so please take time to have a look at it and see your child’s drawing of themselves on board. It was a close call as to who had the most fun – the staff or the children! If any other parents have any skills they would like to come in and show off to the children, pre-school would love to welcome you so please do let the staff know.

The children also enjoyed looking at the Rainbow Fish story and making some beautiful rainbow fish pictures. They loved acting out the story and we hope they managed to take away the moral of the story.

Diary dates

Thank you to all who came along to parents evening and made it a success. Your support is much appreciated.

Please remember that pre-school breaks for the Easter holiday on Friday 4th April.

There are no sessions on 25th April as the staff are undertaking First Aid training that day.


Thank you to those of you who have so far bought Easter Hamper squares. There are still lots available so don’t be shy and put your name down for a chance to win our lovely hamper!

Tea party

If you haven’t yet let us know if you are able to attend the tea party on Friday afternoon, we’d be really grateful if you could get your reply slip back to pre-school as soon as possible. This will help us with working out how many cakes to supply!

Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine!