Welcome back after half-term. We hope you all enjoyed the break and are now ready for the countdown to Easter.

This week in Pre-School

It’s been a quiet week as the children get back into the swing of things. They have all really enjoyed acting out the Julia Donaldson book “A Squash and a Squeeze.” If you have a quick google you can find lots of lovely activities related to both this book and other Julia Donaldson favourites. For example here – www.bookstart.org.uk/have-some-fun/activities-to-download/julia-donaldson Let us know of any that the children particularly enjoy!

Next week is of course Pancake Day so the children will all be having a go at making pancakes.

Water bottles

As any of you with older children at school will know, it is an Ofsted requirement that children have access to drinking water whilst in school or attending pre-school. In order to ensure that health and hygiene is maintained we have decided to move to a system of named water bottles for each child. The children will have access to these throughout sessions.

We will be ordering them in the next few days at a cost of £1 per bottle and we would be most grateful if you could drop payment for this with a member of staff as soon as possible. Thank you!


Could we remind you again of the need to park sensibly and considerately. The car park is generally rather tricky but if we can all try to park with others in mind we might make it a slightly more positive experience!

Parents evening

Unfortunately there hasn’t yet been a great response to the planned parents evening on 20th March. If you would like a slot with your child’s key worker could you let them know ASAP. If there isn’t further uptake, we might have to look at postponing and re-arranging for a time when the response is better.


Please note that there is an Inset Day on Friday 25th April so there will be no Pre-School sessions that day.

Have a great weekend!