Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas holiday and have returned refreshed and ready for the new term. The children certainly seemed pleased to be back having enjoyed a good rest. We were also pleased to welcome a number of new starters so a big warm welcome to our new children and their families.

This week in Pre-School

This term the children will be looking at cold climates and they began that in earnest this week by making some lovely snowflakes. They made paper snowflakes which gave them a great opportunity to practise their cutting skills with scissors. They have also painted some lovely doily snowflakes which are now proudly displayed on the Pre-School walls.

In the coming weeks the children will be celebrating Chinese New Year as part of their learning about the world. It will be the year of the horse so who knows what artistic creations they’ll bring home!

Dates for term

A quick reminder that Pre-School will close for half term on Friday 14th February, returning on Monday 23rd February. The Easter holidays will begin on 4th April. No doubt there will be further dates for your diary so we’ll keep you posted,


Please can you remember to name any clothing that your child wears or brings into Pre-School. Likewise, please ensure that their clothing is appropriate for the Pre-School environment.

Important reminder

As mentioned previously, there are a couple of children at Pre-School with specific severe allergies so can we remind you that children should not bring any egg products in with their lunch (egg sandwiches, scotch eggs, quiche, etc). Likewise, no nuts so no cereal bars containing nuts, etc.

Letter of the week

For our new parents, just to let you know that each week we have a letter of the week and children are encouraged to bring a small item beginning with that letter in to put on the interest table. We have reached Q next week – not an easy one!