This week in Pre-School

The children really enjoyed going on a nature walk this week to collect some beautiful autumnal leaves. Lots of fun was had throwing them up in the air – and at each other! They then drew trees and stuck their collected leaves onto the branches.

As a group the children also made a large display of a tree with even more leaves and added some of the descriptive words they had used whilst out on their walk. Not to limit their artistic capabilities to trees, the children also made crows this week to go with their scarecrows from the week before.

Letter of this week this week is L.

Bags2School collection

Please remember that this Friday (29th) is our Bags2School collection day. The more of your unwanted textiles we can cram into plastic bags the better for our fundraising effort!

Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to store donated bags in Pre-School due to limited storage space so please don’t bring them in before Thursday. If this causes a real problem, please do let us know and we’ll try to make arrangements so as not to miss out on any lovely donations.


The Christmas nativity is fast approaching on 14th December. Tickets will be available from tomorrow at £3 each. Every child taking part has two tickets already allocated for purchase but if you would like extras please let Mrs Cotterell know and she will put your request on the waiting list. As in previous years, we hope to be able to accommodate all requests so please do bear with us while numbers are worked out. Please put correct monies into an envelope marked with your child’s name (please don’t pay for extra tickets until it has been confirmed they are available).


Just a quick reminder to all that this email address is used for sending out information to parents. If you have a direct query for Mrs Cotterell, Mrs Harman or any of the team, please use address to ensure a speedy response.

Hope you all have a good week!