Hello all,

Apologies for such a late arrival of this week’s bulletin. Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely weekend in the meantime!

This week in Pre-School

Lots more shape work has been going on in Pre-School this week. Diana Diamond should have come home with all the children! All the shapes that the children have been looking at are displayed in the Pre-School room. They have also made kites to make the most of the autumnal breeze!

You might now have noticed that photographs have been added to the children’s names for the registration board so that they are easily recognisable. The same has also been done with the name labels on the children’s trays.

In the coming week the children will be preparing their special Christmas pictures ready to be sent away and turned into Christmas cards as part of our annual fundraiser. Watch this space for the results!

Letter of the week is “F“.


At the risk of nagging, please do remember that the AGM is now coming up fast. Thursday 17th October at 8pm – we very much hope to see you there.