The children all really enjoyed getting to know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. There were finger puppets for the re-telling of the story in Pre-School and paper plates for the creation of their very own Goldilocks. After much brain-racking, the song of Goldilocks and the Three Bears was remembered and the children enjoying joining in. We hope you’ve been treated to some lovely renditions at home!

Letters of the week were Q and R and the usual creative array of objects were well-displayed by the children. We’ll be as interested as ever to see what they manage to come up with for S and T!

Tempest Photography

Lots of lovely photos were taken today and we hope you’re pleased with the shots the photographer managed to get. Again we’d be grateful if you could return your order forms as soon as possible so that we can arrange printing and delivery for you.

PE kit practice

It has been suggested that it would be helpful for those children moving up to school in September to have a bit of practice at undressing and dressing for PE. If your child is moving on from Pre-School this summer and you would like them to have a bit of practice at changing, could you put together a small PE kit for them (t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls) and bring it in to Pre-School in a named bag. Staff can then get them having a go so that they’re raring to go in September.

Pre-School Survey

The Pre-School parent survey has now been closed. We had a rather disappointing response in terms of numbers of reply but we will assume that this means no-one has any particularly pressing concerns they wished to raise and that you are broadly happy with our service! As ever, should you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to report these to Pre-School.